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I am noticing so many changes in my behaviour as I progress through the MKE programme.

“Do it now” really has made a massive difference to me. This past week, I’ve noticed something needs doing, nothing major just small tasks around the house. I then have the fleeting thought about when I’ll do it only for “do it now” to play in my head and the task is done, fabulous!

I’m continuing my mental diet and have really started to notice just how much time my friends spend repeating negative thoughts/opinions of all sorts of things, other people, politics, the World in general. Now I no longer entertain these thoughts, our conversations are getting much shorter 😊.

Last evening, I attended an event for one of my client companies, where I met several people who I have worked with over the past year. A couple of them mentioned projects that they thought I could do for them. Previously, I would have accepted, with no enthusiasm but accepted, nevertheless. Yesterday I just said that’s not the type of work I’m focusing on, I am now exclusively coaching. That clarity felt so good!

The most impactful part of the whole programme (so far) has been having a mastermind partner. I am amazed that I bound out of bed to get ready for our 6:30 calls with no thought of staying in bed for those extra few minutes. This is better than all the alarm clocks in the World!

Loving the changes, so looking forward to the next 14 weeks…and beyond…

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  • Allan great blog post, I love the “Do It Now.” How great is that, saying no on your terms and feeling good about it!

  • This is great Allan, and yes, do it now radiates in my head frequently. Your comment about bounding out of bed, however, yet challenges me. I think I’ll re-read your blog again…. cheers.

  • Good for you buddy taking care of you! It’s a skill most people don’t possess – great job

  • Yes, brilliant post, like Marc just twittered! So happy for you, Alan. And we get to bliss out with another 14 weeks of MLE. Happy Days!

  • You know, Allan. In my 7 years as a blog rover, I’ve never read such a preponderance of positivity. Not a pity pot in sight! 🙂

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