MKE Week 12 – I’m allowed to stumble

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I’m allowed to stumble.

Every morning I go for a walk to concentrate on my thoughts and connect with myself. Earlier this week I was focused more on where my life is going instead of where my feet were taking me and I tripped on a curb. After regaining my balance all I could do was laugh. Normally I would have laughed to cover up my embarrassment and then cursed at myself for being clumsy.

This time however, I laughed because I automatically made a different type of connection. My mind went straight to recognizing the fact that I stayed on my feet, and the coffee I was carrying all stayed in the cup. Small wins, but none the less they are still my wins and I recognize them. More importantly, I connected to the fact that although I stumbled, I still kept moving forward.

That’s life, we are going to stumble, we may even fall backwards and land on our ass a few times. That is okay because with the correct thought process we can learn from every situation. In sentence 2 of part 12, we read ‘Man is, because he thinks’, tie that into the sit exercise for this week where we are to come into full unity with our omnipotence and we cannot help but to create the habit of correct thinking, and thus, we grow towards being the best we can be.

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  • Great post Robert! I loved reading how you are growing in acceptance, grace and love for yourself. Like Og said, “And most of all I will love myself…”. Bravo!

  • Another great post Robert and an excellent share. We all stumble but we also have to remember that the strength we get is in moving forward after the fall.

  • Good for you, Robert! Og says, ” I will welcome obstacles for they are my challenge” (scroll II) and ” I will ignore the obstacles at my feet and keep mine eyes on the goals above my head, for I know that where dry desert ends, green grass grows” (scroll III).


  • Inspiring post Robert. Thanks for sharing your insights. Bravo for applying the Law of Substitution and Law of Dual Thought!! Recognizing your own growth and being the Objective Observer…you are knocking it out of the park here in Week 12!! Keep celebrating!

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