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Last week, time seemed to have flown by with all work, family and holiday commitments. One wonders where time goes but it is so important to remember that you need the contrast to appreciate the good things. All the busy times and all the commitments, when time settles down, help you realize that you need the crazy times to help you appreciate the more serene times.

I am so grateful that the boys are out of school for the next two weeks. I will still be busy in other ways but it will be a bit better. I also have family commitments coming up, it will be a good time to see how not having opinions or not rising up to the bait will work. Families have a way of knowing what buttons to push in us. So now it is up to me to determine, will I fall into old patterns? Or do I choose to do different and be different?

I will keep in mind to move on, whether physically or mentally. Physically may mean just moving myself to another room or heck even just bending down and fixing socks. Mentally may mean just saying “Let it go”. Heck, if not that, just count mentally from 100 down and focus on that. Substituting good habits with habits. I can do it!

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  • Schedule it ! It shall too get done! Do tell how was the two weeks! Love to hear all about it! They are so lucky to have you as their M.O.M.

  • Of course you can do it, Suzette. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely holiday season!

  • Sorry, Suzette. I’m not sure how I could confuse you with Brittany, yet I did. Whoops! 🙂

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