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Deepam is the Festival of Light in Auroville, my home in India. I have been getting lovely greetings from my friends there and I have celebrated The Light together with them. Week 12 has been filled with Light in endless ways and at this moment I don’t even know where to start in terms of recalling them. When I think about what I have experienced this past week, tears of gratitude well up in my eyes.

I feel a profound Stillness and Oneness with All. I am grounded in this now, present moment. So much that it makes it challenging to recall what happened only yesterday. Why even bother? The moment is full and I am Living the Magic that I so longed for last year and in fact, most of my grownup life. I have longed to live in a grounded way, innocent, like life was when I was little. Totally absorbed by my imagination and the play. It is real again, with foundation, and life is happening right in front of me all the time.

I don’t allow myself to get interrupted by “chores” and “have-to’s”. “musts” and “shouldhave’s” and all the other meaningless stuff. The Joy is in the Work and my own attitude towards the things that I want to see happen. Like you all taught me; turn “chores” into “services”, make them fun and CELEBRATE even, nah, especially, the smallest victories. I celebrate a lot these days. I have turned my life into a continous state of celebration and I honor every way life shows itself. I accept it all with the deepest gratitude.

Every challenge has become an exciting riddle to figure out and make manifest in the most beautifulh and smooth way. I got an excellent test today. A test that has driven me nuts for many years. It has repeated itself in similar ways every year as winter comes and it starts getting cold. This is the time of year when I start finding little black “cumin” seeds in my kitchen cabinets and drawers and then I know; I have, once again, an uninvited guest. Super cute, but he doesn’t pay rent and he has no manners whatsoever. Little Mr. Mouse is back.

For the last ten years or so, one or two of them always come in to make a visit to deliver a message. And it has always ended the same tragic way. Fast death in the mouse trap and then Mr. Mouse becomes delicious, raw cat food. I don’t like killing mice at all, but I could not see any alternatives and besides, I felt so sad and disempowered by these visits.

This year, not so.

I am pleased to say I have just successfully completed “Operation Free Mr. Mouse”. I caught him live in a cage trap and I have studied him in the cage during the afternoon. Meanwhile, asking for guidance on how to proceed. I considered a few different soulutions and asked the Universe. The answer came and I decided to set him free in our old barn where the sheep live.

The release went really well. I felt calm and composed and as little Mr. Mouse scurried off and down a hole in the wall I said goodbye and decided to feed the sheep some oats to celebrate. They looove that, so I went to get the bucket with oats and, lo and behold, in the bucket was another mouse. The cutest little thing, not afraid at all. She just sat there and probably recently had had a good snack, feeling happy and satisfied. I asked her if she would like a new friend and she said yes, and so I carried her off in the bucket to the place where Mr. Mouse had just been released from the cage. I showed her the same hole and she ran off and down the hole to her new friend.

I giggled and felt like Cinderella, the sheep hoorayed and everybody was happy.

What could have been a bloody afternoon instead turned into a happy feast for all of us, except possibly the cats. But I never told them anyways, so please, don’t say anything.

And so we all lived happily ever after.

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  • Fantastic that you are in such a beautiful energy! I’m sure the mouses are grateful for it, and even the cat, as he might soon have more fun to keep more mouses out of the home! 🙂 Great sharing, thank you Ann-Charlotte!

  • “I have turned my life into a continuous state of celebration”. your post is lovely…I enjoyed the mouse story. True stories can be fun. Thank you for sharing Ann-Charolette.

  • Love it!!! Ann-Charlotte, you are living light! Thank you so much for spreading your light to so many, from the tiny mouse to all those larger humans you encounter. Thank you!!!

  • Delightful post Ann-Charlotte. Bravo for applying the MasterKey principles, being Present, listening to the Universe for your guidance, and supporting Life in all its forms.

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