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Week Twelve began as the last several weeks have and I was focused on the weeks plan (oats is the acronym for that). But mother nature had other plans, I will say that God had other plans, as that’s what you get from a minister such as myself.

Snow is nothing new to me, nor is it anything new to Minnesota, but this week’s snow left a lot of us wondering about a lot of things! You see, this week’s snow came with the temps steadily at about 32° which makes it a very heavy snow. That was after almost a full day of rain! So we’ve got ice on everything followed by day one’s for of snow, then day two’s got of snow, then day three’s half a foot of snow!

So that started the week with a few without power, followed by thousands without… myself, I’m writing this on day four without power! There’s a few important points coming, but you need to see or feel the happenings of the week in order to truly understand.

In the country, such as where I’m at, everything is dependant upon the electricity; the well, the furnace, lights, etc. So there’s a limited amount of daylight as well… the nights are finding temps near a mere 20° and so goes the 4 days… trees literally snapping in half, driveways full of snow too heavy to drive through or to shovel… it seems as if most were in a delirious state of mind, most were.. I wasn’t though!

I’ve seen the most beautiful winter scenery of my entire life and it was right in front of me all week, all week right in front of me! That’s what I was seeing and I was feeling amazed at the wonders of God’s creations!

I found time to sit and reflect on my future me, to see nothing outside of the wonders and beauty that life gives us! It’s s me that isn’t completely new, but it’s certainly a me that is way more advanced than the me of our yesterdays! There is no doubt in my mind that the MKE has shown and allowed me to transform into one that can’t help but see all the beauty and love and wonder in this universe!

I was optimistic in my past version of me, but nothing close to this new me!
I’m reading my stacks of index cards and getting excited to the point that my heart is warming me from the inside, maybe skipping a beat or two on the way! I’m taking advantage of what the blizzards brought instead of the alternative! I’m reading more, there’s no all day TV on, I’m utilizing the light of day for the things that matter, the things that daylight is here for! And I’m even finding myself in my new home in my new location while still enjoying the moments left here in the blizzards of Minnesota!

You can be whatever you will to be, whatever you will to be! You can feel however you choose to feel, see whatever you want to see, be wherever you want to be…. and I could go on for days about this!

I’m seeing, feeling, breathing, enjoying, loving, and understanding so much more today than just 12 weeks ago or even a week or two ago! I’m seeing so much of what Mark and Davene and Cindy and the rest of the MKE staff said would come to be if we had trust in what they were helping us to do!

And even with so much happening, changing advancing my me thus far…I must confess that I could’ve done more than I have done! But these Minnesota blizzards have shown me, have proven to me that anything is possible with what MKE has been showing and teaching us!

I feel blissful even in a situation that most might find miserable! Isn’t that crazy? Maybe it is, or is it just different than what most think, see, experience, and the likes? If you missed it, here’s what I was trying to convey this week: Minnesota brought us blizzards that basically forced us to be in almost primitive living conditions and I have not felt that way about it at all! Instead, I saw nothing but wonders and beauty before me! That’s one’s in their bliss!

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  • I’ve been smiling so much reading your blog post 🙂
    & I’m so deeply happy for you that you saw nothing but wonders and beauty before you! That truly is a gift and you were the one who generated it 🙂

  • Great Enthusiasm Drew!!! I sure DO NOT miss Midwest Winters LOL
    But thank you for helping me remember them from a distance 🙂

  • Thank you, Drew, once again for an amazing share with your blog. It is such a joy to read and be able to see very clearly how far you’ve come and where you are in this beautiful journey. Can’t wait to see more and more of your true self, powerful being! You are shining your bright light inside out and it is being felt by yourself and others around you.

  • Bravo Drew! Applying the Law of Dual Thought and choosing how you want to feel/interpret any experience. You chose to see the blizzard as a Blessing- practiced being the Objective Observer, focused on your world within, and gave yourself permission to experience your Bliss! So happy for you!! Enjoy celebrating your growth and insights. I can see your Future self giving you a High-5!! Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

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