MKE Week 3 – The Secret of Getting Ahead is Getting Started

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My first year (of really trying) in network marketing. Week “0.”

I thought it would be interesting to document my experiences (successes!) in my most recent endeavors to fire my boss! I’ve worked in a lab since graduating from college. All I have ever known is working for someone else. I’ve traded hours for dollars all my life. I was aware of other ways to “make a living,” but just never had the mentor to show me the way. With my current employer showing more loyalty to shareholders than employees, I’ve come to the realization it is important to start something that can really allow me to follow my dreams.

My parents showed me the value of saving money, working hard and investing their money in an asset that made money for them. Looking back, they made it work. However, from what I know now, there are better ways. They believed hard work and real estate would pay off. Since that was their firm belief and did the work, that is what they got! One of my “personal pivotal needs” is to leave a legacy for my four kids. My parents have sacrificed so much to get where they are today, the pressure is now on me to move the ball closer to the goal line.

To steal a line from a Boston song: “I’m at the point of no return…I’ve finally crossed the line.” I really have no choice. This has to will work for me! To put pressure on me, every four weeks I will report on my results to date. I will track the following: contacts, recruits, sales and any other metric that comes to mind during these times. So today (October 14, 2022) I report “0” for everything. There is only one way to go!

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  • Awesome blog post Michael! Those insights and that positive attitude brings power to your manifestation of your desired life. .

  • Thanks for sharing Michael, ““I’m at the point of no return…I’ve finally crossed the line.”

  • Love that positive attitude, Michael! Creating the right habits is the way to achieve any goal. You’ve got this!

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