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The first two weeks I’ve told something of myself, that was more like the world without… but there is also a world within, like Haanel says.

Well, as there’s a world within, then there will also be a unique person within who has a unique story, or as I call it, a journey within. We also need to have the courage to say to ourselves, WHO AM I REALLY?

Am i my name? Am I my body? Am I my mind? Or Am I the observer?

Awareness is a big issue, especially when you want change and following your inner journey, might scare you. But eventually you’re here on Earth to become the person who you need to become!

All your decisions, your highs and all your lows in your life have made you precisely who you are today, it’s ALL in the journey, so embrace the change, you know deep inside that there’s greatness inside you!

The great poet — who always used a typewriter — said it best,

Invent yourself and then reinvent yourself… stay out of the clutches of mediocrity.

Charles Bukowski

If you are the observer, be aware of all the choices that you are making on a daily base, and your journey within will definitely draw that great person out of YOU!

As I speak for myself, my own inner journey never stops, and I don’t want it to stop either, because otherwise there is no personal growth, and that’s what life’s about, to be all that you possibly can be, in my philosophy.

Anthony Duconti

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  • Wonderfully wise words, Anthony. Always observe yourself with grace and without judgment.

  • Well said, Anthony. It seems to me that you are spot on – awareness is key. I think we have the chance with MKE to invent ourselves conciously rather than randonly. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your journey over the coming weeks.

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