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This is travel week! It wasn’t planned, kind of spur of the moment, cuz, that’s what I do! People think I’m cray cray, I get an idea and just go with it… Not the first time, won’t be the last! So this time, a 4000 km round trip (basically 1/2 way across Canada and back) Well, I have items in storage and it would cost me $3500 CDN to have it shipped from Saskatchewan to British Columbia, so, I checked the weather and it will be sunny and 15° Celcius for the next 10 days, so ‘Gotta Go’. Packed up my truck, emptied my trailer, loaded my 2 dogs and…. ROAD TRIP!!! YEE HAW!!!

Well, 5 days in Regina, spent Thanksgiving with a dear friend, had a few visits and unloaded the container 3 times, went through everything I own, decided what to keep (basically anything I missed or needed over the past year) Everything else was donated and/or sold! I went from a 10′ X 8′ Container more than 1/2 full, into a 5′ X 8′ Trailer packed to the roof (5′ high).

My motto: Always Forward, Never Back! Movin’ on to Bigger and Better Things ahead for me and my fur-babies ♡


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  • It is great to get rid of all those unused things. Sometimes baggage your subby does not need. Bravo to you for taking the initiative to DO IT NOW!

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