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I feel like the days are getting shorter and time is flying by. I find myself trying to rush my readings just to get them done, but I am making a slow process in my subby change. This week I learned that I need to remove all negative language from my vocabulary. I am recreating myself and am a new Hanalei. Having this type of thinking helped me refrain from my cravings to purchase junk food when I went grocery shopping. Considering that I love all kinds of food and eat it in bulk, I am excited to see this little bit of change. This wasn’t something that I could do before but I am no longer interested in buying those chips or ice cream. I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t have any candy, but I shocked myself in the store when I thought about wanting to go down the potato chip aisle but I didn’t because I had this weird rejection about it.

I went to the local farmers market with my little family and I actually took the time to do my hair and makeup when I usually just throw it in a bun and wear workout clothes. I had the need to actually want to care about my appearance. Another little shift in behavior that isn’t the norm for me. Prior to having a baby and marrying my husband, I was the gal who would do her hair and makeup just to go to Walmart down the street. I cared about how I looked, but somewhere after marriage and having a kid, I stopped caring. I was excited to see myself actually try to care.

This week was really crazy for me because I was gone out of town all last week for my daughter’s doctor’s appointment and had to go to work in the office 2 hours away then my daughter got sick and apparently has this RSV virus going around affecting all the kids. She’s only 14 months and she sounds like Darth Vader. My plans shifted in trying to get my assignments done this week for MKE but here I am at 4am trying to get it done. No quitting til we’re done. I want this change and agree that to change bad habits with good habits, you have to replace the habit with another habit. I am working on the habits of change. Let’s go folks!

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  • Excellent post Hanalei. There is a lot of progress there. Working on yourself is so worthwhile. Good for you.

  • Yes, Hanalei. Git er dun! MKE translation: Do it NOW!!! Keeping up with your blogging is a great way to do that! 🙂

  • Congratulations on your persistence, Hanalei, especially during difficult times. That RSV is scary. Our youngest had it when he was just a few weeks old. Now he’s almost 22 years old.

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