MKE Week 3 – Pushing Myself to Grow

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My Subbie is telling me to come home and take a nap after work. My subbie tells me I am mentally and emotionally tired and have worked enough for the day. The reality is that I have worked enough to stay in the same life position that I am currently in.

My subbie tells me that I am comfortable exactly where I am. I know I want more and deserve it but do I if I am staying in my comfort zone? Probably not.

I have gotten stronger and am more confident with my body because I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone in the ocean and the gym. I have to push myself with heaver weights at the gym and braved bigger waves in the ocean to advance my strength.

The same is true with my life position. If I am not trying new things, committing to bigger projects, and working longer days I will not grow. If I don’t push myself I cannot grow.

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  • What great insights Scott!
    Do you have to work longer days to grow?
    I always hear the words, “work smarter not harder” when I am accomplishing something greater than before. It keeps me on course.
    Coupled with the ‘sit’ and other MKE exercises, I know you can change the way you desire to.

  • Hi Scott, liking the “I’ve worked hard enough for the day” said by your subbie. It’s marvelous that you are catching subbie’s direction and you are ignoring the non-growth “talk” of your subbie.

  • And guess what, Scott — your Subby only does what you tell it to do. So, change the world within to change the world without.

  • Wow Scott,
    ‘The reality is that I have worked enough to stay in the same life position that I am currently in.’
    Shoot that one hits home. Excellent point though. I’m tired, and worked all day….how many times have I said the same thing. Worked hard enough to stay right here…

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