MKE Week 3 – Outwitted, Again!

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Saturday and the forecast was perfect for sailing so I called my buddy and asked if he wanted to go out for the weekend and do a bit of sailing and fishing.

The wind was a 4 gusting 6 perfect for a bit of fun. We sailed to a good fishing mark in the Deben to pit our wits against the fish – they won again!!

We were anchored in calm waters and the wind died to a flat calm – blue rectangles appeared on the sides of passing boats and I got ahead with the red circles that had been abundant on the trip out with the mooring buoys along the route the best red circle of the day was the setting sun.

I woke in the night at about 4.30am as nature called and I went on deck, my friend was fast asleep – the magnificent full hunter’s moon was casting a beautiful light across the flat calm water and the peace of the moment hit me in the solar plexus this was the time to do the sit of the day.

This was a sit like no other, a deep feeling of freedom, peace and calm no twitching or scratching an itch.

Normally 15 minutes feels like 3 days but this time 30 mins went by in a flash the only interruptions were the screeches of the oystercatchers and coarse honking of the geese.

I absorbed the feeling and knew this was the feeling of Liberty that comes from my PPNs.

Having captured the feeling I can access it now at any time and put myself right there in the moonlight on the boat – that is what my Liberty is all about and I am grateful for what I have.

Every day’s sit just got a whole lot easier.

While I sat, I thought of the person I wish to become and my true purpose – I tapped into the feeling that I get every year after the final exams of my students when they get their results and I know I have helped them get to where they want to be.

That feeling brought a tear to my eye and it felt cold in the still October air as it fell on my cheek – so difficult to articulate the actual feeling but I know that to multiply it by hundreds, instead of the 25 a year I currently have is my Dharma.

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  • Cikey, that sounds like the “sit of the century”. Thanks so much for sharing. You described it so vividly, I felt I was there!

  • Thank you, Paul, for sharing that beautiful backdrop for finding clarity in your Sit. You’ve done it once and can do it over and over again.

  • Thank you for a beautiful blog post Paul! It touched my heart, and I felt it like I was doing such powerful sit as well. So wonderful that you had this experience. It seems that you are shipping away cement and unfolding the magic within you. Congrats!

  • Wow Paul you drew me in, I enjoy the way you write and share. You are at peace “Every day’s sit just got a whole lot easier”.

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