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During the meditation session on Saturday, I got an inspiration for writing a new book. I had some time, so I got started with building the framework and started writing while ideas were flowing. (“Do it now!) Within a day I was also served up an advertisement on my phone on Facebook to “Publish Your Own eBook In Just 7 days.” (Coincidence? Hmmm, don’t think so.) I clicked the link to buy the book, went all the way to submit for the credit card charge, and….. nothing happened. I waited, no confirmation email, no thank you page. Wasn’t sure if there was a problem, so I didn’t want to have double processing / charge. Next day, found ad again, and tried again from scratch. Same thing happened! (Grrrr!) Now notice (and find it interesting) that it seems like when I step into something new, on the right path, moving ahead, there’s unexpected obstacles to validate that I’m serious. (Some end up feeling like the search for the blue vase from the classic book, “The Go-Getter” by Peter Kyne.) Waited another day, then went to FB on my computer, again found the advertisement (amazingly, with no effort!) This time, everything processed as I would expect: Received a thank you page after purchase, and then it gave me an additional offer for a class and bonuses. At this point, I figured I’m going all-in, and also purchased that upsell, investing in the training to dispel any unknowns and answer any possible questions I may eventually have. I have a number of books in my future, and I think I’m a good investment that will pay off with large dividends.

Things are starting to come together. I knew in my brain that what I thought and spoke made a difference but had not ever applied things like this. I had long resisted doing the exercises like reading the scrolls from the Greatest Salesman and Think and Grow Rich teach. (I always thought it weird and didn’t buy into it.) But, after enough frustration and going around in circles for years, I was finally open to change and listening and learning more, even if I am proven to have been wrong for years. Now, I’m all in.

Meet Mike Sambuco

Passionate worshipper of God, loving husband to Terri, father to Stephanie, and grandfather to Justice. Music minister, entrepreneur, network marketer, guitarist, motorcyclist, amateur radio DXer, martial artist, photographer, telecom technician; previously career Air Force Master Sergeant (Comm and Intel.) Originally from Ohio, now is one of the “frozen chosen” of Alaska since 1987. A fun-loving encourager, enjoys empowering others!

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  • Congratulations, Mike, for being open to all possibilities! There truly is no such thing as coincidence.

  • Way to go Mike! Just wonderful that you are all in now! Your subconscious love to give you the best service when you feed it with all that energy and emotions.

  • Love that you’re ‘all in’ Mike!
    Subby thanks you for it 😉
    Watch the miracles start to roll in.

  • Mike congratulations on realizing nothing would change until you made changes and took charge. Keep going.

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