MKE Week 3 – My Inner Child

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When I think of the little girl trapped inside of me it makes me want to cry. The joy she deserves, the life God has laid out for her has become a faint memory. She is always uninhibited when it comes to adventure. She is always willing to throw a smile in another’s direction just to share hope and love their way. She is resiliently strong spirited and gets tough when the going gets tough. The cement that needs cracking away is thick and is needing some sort of a sledgehammer.

The constant bombardment of negativity in my everyday life is fierce and I need the strongest antidote possible to be bullet proof when it comes to sling warfare. I will not reciprocate, I will not entertain. I am all powerful with God’s presence inside of me and coming to full recognition of the behavior is the first step in not participating.

I am focused on He that is in her. That little girl that lives inside of me. She is all deserving of the life God has in store for me. Many called that girl a dreamer and I call her the blooming flower she was meant to be. And that girl is me! Thank you Lord for giving me all that I ever needed buried inside and ready to be unfolded.

Watch out world this light is bright. I am patient and await His timing.

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  • Heather, I can feel the strength inside of you! Great post! And your patience and persistence is your strength!

  • Your light is bright Heather! But don’t be patient! Through the exercises push forth and stand before the world! We all await.

  • Hi Heather, this is powerful! Thank you. I know the walk of negativity that encompasses, and i know there is a path through. Courage, love, fortitude…You are the one you have been waiting for! Grateful for your share, thank you xoxo

  • I really enjoyed reading your post. I liked how you reflected back to your days as a child, having such a positive and energetic nature about life and yourself. Self awareness is a huge step in the fantastic journey of discovering the unique gifts that God has given you that you can share with the world. The world within is a powerful place where we can create our on realities and have them manifest themselves into physical realities. Keep chipping away at that cement😀

  • Powerful so powerful. Continue focusing on that strong blooming flower that is breaking through the cement. And lean on your tribe as that flower continues to grow.

  • Great insight! You just have to let the light shine and the little one will greatly be happy and grateful to you…Solar Plexus is key.

  • I think we are all being called to remember the child within us and all of our dreams. Thank you for remembering yours 🙂

  • Heather… Great reflection of your 3rd Week.
    “Watch out world this light is bright. I am patient and await His timing.”
    Very strong powerful written words. Looking forward to following your journey. God is Good, stay on the path to the TRUTH.

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