MKE Week 3 – My Attitude is Up to Me

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If I decide to play it safe and live in fear, I’ll die knowing my life didn’t matter, which ironically is my worst fear. If I decide to have courage, let myself be happy, powerful and thrive and regardless of what happens, I’ll die knowing that my life mattered. It is 100% up to me, and that’s kinda scary haha!!! What really helped me in week 3 is the “Master Key Part Three” hand out. I feel like it was reading my mind! I related on such a deep level to what is said about fear, it being the arch enemy and it being the cause of perpetual gloom. Fear, muscle tightness, tension, resistance, sadness and anxiety I’ve been experiencing for as long as I can think back. I’m doing the exercises. I’m gonna stop being so hard on myself because I know that I’m re-training my mind. I’ve been thinking a certain way for a very long time. It doesn’t happen overnight. It’s PROGRESS, not perfection. Take a breath, it’s ok to feel my feelings and give myself some space to be human.

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  • Hi Laura, Great post. Yes to giving yourself space to be human. You are amazing and I can already see the cement falling off.

  • Amazing Laura! Part three is always one I want to stay on as it resonates on such a level…but it is all part of the progression, Non-resistant thought expands the Solar Plexus <3

  • Thanks for being so vulnerable, Laura, in sharing your experience. Allow yourself grace and ask yourself without judgment, “What did I do well; and what can I do better?”

  • Laura! I completely agree with you. I beat myself up all the time and repay incidences where I feel Like I could have done something differently or did something better. We are our own worst critics. I guess we just have to trust the process.

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