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My strongest PPN is for Helping Others, so the reading in this week’s lesson about the solar plexus and how:

If this radiation is sufficiently strong the person is called magnetic; (s)he is said to be filled with personal magnetism. Such a person may wield an immense power for good. [My] presence alone will often bring comfort to the troubled minds with which (s)he comes in contact.

Charles Haanel, Master Key System

Words are magical and create reality, so I continue to hone in the art of speaking life to the broken-hearted that I come into contact with as a therapist. The lesson goes on to explain how:

When the Solar Plexus is in active operation and is radiating life, energy and vitality to every part of the body, and to every one whom (s)he meets, the sensations are pleasant, the body is filled with health and all with whom (s)he comes in contact experience a pleasant sensation.

Charles Haanel, Master Key System

That is the gift that I intent to give to my fiancé, children, family, friends, clients, neighbors, and strangers alike.

The enemy of my solar plexus is stress and fear. I have been conditioned to believe that constant action and checking off my do-to list will alleviate anxiety (fear and stress) and although action/work is required, the tip from this weeks lesson to sit and relax was very helpful and needed. I have a very yellow personality and am constantly on the move, so although cognitively I understand the benefits of slowing down, it has not been easy for me to do. It is simple yes, but easy…no (at least not yet).

I saw am seeing so many red circles EVERYWHERE and have started a game to say out loud “do it now” when I notice a red circle somewhere (I say “helping others” when I see a blue rectangle now too) and it is a fun way to light up that subby and re-focus my world within to what truly matters to me and actions that I can do today to be of maximum service to others (my future self included).

This week has presented some challenges and I’m so grateful to the MKE for sharpening my watchman at the gate to catch when fear or selfishness was cropping up. Today I got some unpleasant lab results that triggered trauma reminders and fear intensified rapidly. I chose to act quickly by praying for God to remove the fear from my heart and mind, hopped on the phone and talked to my closest go-to people (fiancé and sister), and then stayed at work to get out of my head by focusing on helping others. I am not a saint and still struggle with fears and what ifs at times, but I am a work in progress and today I choose to vanquish fear and let that solar plexus shine by doing what I do best (connecting to God and helping somebody). Tonight I am relaxed and will sleep soundly as the only two questions I need to answer for myself are “where are you at with God and who did you help today?”

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  • Challenges and difficulties don’t stop — how we react and navigate through them is what changes. Keep up the good work, Christina; and use all the tools to your benefit.

  • Congrats, Christina, on seeing a glimmer of the immensity of your power! Thanks for getting your third blog published on time! 🙂

  • I like your game, if you don’t mind I believe I shall play your game. Thank you, Christina.

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