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Week 3 brought some different challenges for me as I was traveling most of the week. When that happens, chaos can ensue and it’s very easy to get out of routine BUT I was determined to not make excuses and insure that I would complete my daily commitments. I did not allow subby to control my actions and actually found it easier than it would have been in the past to hold that control. Not only is it a win, but it reveals that the daily practices are working.

This week, after Sunday’s webinar, shed quite a bit more clarity on what tightening up and imputing more specifics into the DMP. I find myself beginning to enjoy the challenge of reworking it as the weeks go by while keeping it within the 300-word limit. This forces me to really hone in on what I want, when I want it and who I need to become to achieve it.

One big shift in me has been focusing on taking the time to implement feeling into everything I am doing and thinking about. Not only is this making a difference in my mood throughout the day, but it is absolutely accelerating the effect it has on creating the positive changes that I am working on achieving in my life. There is no doubt I am further ahead than I would be if I didn’t follow the advice of really FEELING the emotions into my thoughts and daily readings and exercises.

I knew alignment would be a challenge this week but I’m happy to say I stayed on track. I am so grateful I accepted the MKE challenge and can already feel a transformation inside of me daily which makes my life a really exciting time to be alive!

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  • That’s right, Dan — you don’t “have” to make a revision; you “get” to. Stay on track so it all comes to fruition.

  • Dan, you really make me feel the changes occurring in your life right now. The subby is beginning to bend to your will. What a thrill! 🙂

  • Congratulations Dan “creating the positive changes that I am working on achieving in my life.”

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