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Looking at and reading my DMP, I discovered that I am meant to help people. I have been in some way for years, by cutting their hair, styling, massaging, and more.

Now I can see a bigger place that more people can come in and receive services, classes, healing, and more that will benefit them. This week I starting asking my clients questions and saw many different ways I can be of service to them and how many things I already have to help them. I was able to talk to my clients on a deeper level and recommend things that they where asking for. I also receive text messages from clients of how happy they were with the recommendations and that they were feeling better.

I knew as a young girl that I always wanted to hair and own my own salon. Now I know it is something bigger. Taking care of clients to their fullest potential. I’m so excited to embark on this journey and to be of service to these hopeful people. I have clients that are sending me referrals and the smiles on their faces when I am I finished with their service.

I promise to manifest Liberty and Helping Others! I always keep my promise, Monika Greczek

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  • I too love to serve others and made it my mission in life to assist each person I meet to create they life by design.

  • Monika you have such a big heart! I love seeing that you are already sharing your vision with your clients and how they are responding back to your giving and generosity!

  • Fantastic insights Monika! Isn’t it wonderful when subby opens our eyes to an even larger vision than we originally thought?

  • Isn’t it great to see a vision of your future life? So great that your clients are so open to contributing to your vision and success!

  • Wonderful blog Monika! Thank you for sharing your amazing journey with discoveries of your true inner vision.

  • How great to have a deep, personal vision, Monika. Congratulations! That puts you so far ahead of others. Looking forward to celebrating with you when it manifests.

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