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Hello, Khush. This is the Voice of Your Subconscious Mind Speaking. Hello, Khush? What’s Gotten into You?

Let’s get one thing straight, you megalomaniac.
I call the shots.
You obey them!

I know you no longer use the banal moniker “Sunday Weekly Planning Session” when you fill out your Priority Manager for the week.
You now call it “Making Plans For World Domination”.


Who the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks do you think you are???
You KNOW my job is to keep you small…
Yet you keep striving for more.

Listen, dude. You and I have had a pretty good relationship over the years.

Remember how you always had a scarcity mindset?
Yeah, those were good times, man.
Especially during First Year University where you were a petty thief:
Fare jumping, swiping cassettes from second-hand stores, stealing newspapers from hapless sidewalk vendors, etc.

But then you started to turn your life around.
You made something of yourself.
You worked out religiously.
You were reading great books on personal achievement.
You gained a reputation.
I mean, you were one handsome bastard.

Luckily I got a hold of you, early in your career.
You ballooned to an encumbering 289 lbs.
You had jowls on your face and a double-chin;
you had a big belly making you look like some sort of grotesque lowercase “b” with legs when standing facing to the right of someone.
You had wide hips for a man and your thighs were so big they could’ve started a fire by rubbing against one another when you walked.
And you spent the next 15 years mired in severe depression.
(Yay me!)

But you engaged in personal growth.
You fought back.

Heck, you getting laid off was a bonus for me.
I thought I had a second chance.
But you asked a friend what she was doing and she told you she’s got a business.

I tried to hold you down for years in that business.
But through constant training and associating with successful people whose lives and lifestyles you admire, you were getting away from me.

And, heck…from January to December of 2019 you were on fire.

Thank goodness for this Ȼovid nonsense.
I was finally able to do a number on you.
No more in-person meetings…
No more meeting random people in public and being charming.
You were pretty miserable there for a while!
In fact, you were downright despicable; getting into useless arguments with people who thought differently from you.

But something kept pulling you back to your bloody personal development stuff.
And you eventually found your way again.
You gained confidence.

And now I’m having fewer things to do.

Granted, during Session 3 of MKE, you were distracted for the first 20-30 minutes.
And that was a good thing.

But you regained your focus thereafter.
And I was damn bored.

BORED, I tell you!

And the company training we had about an hour later on a new service for US businesses got you inspired.

I can’t work when you’re inspired!!!

So cut this shit out already, will you??
We’re in a recession.
And I still need my job.

I’ll be damned if I ever join your pyramid scheme.

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  • You are a good writer Khush! Keep looking forward and through the process create what you want. When you look back, you create what is behind you. Thank you for sharing.!

  • Ha! This is an excellent blog, Kush. Hilarious!
    Keep up the great work, and connection with Subby,
    and really embrace the person that YOU are.

  • Khush, how creative you were in this blog! love how made the conversation within come alive. quite awesome 🙂

  • Hi Khush, What an interesting life you have with “subby”. Looking forward to the next adventure.

  • Khush, I am glad to hear you turned yourself around. The ups and downs are to be expected. Once you learn the new habits so the subby knows the best way to act you and he will be complete.

  • Oh my gosh, I love this… so greatly written. I can “see” your progress… I’m excited to watch your progress here!

  • Very humorous blog, Khush! Stick with the progression of the habits because they work. The Conscious Mind is the guardsman at the gate protecting the Subby. Subby just does what it is told. What are you telling it?

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