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After Sunday’s call, I was working on the lesson and readings about the vagus nerve and the connections between the conscious mind and the subby. Very interesting and I did a sit about this. When I took a look at my schedule after my sit, I noticed that things were rather bunched up with not a lot of time between the appointments. I began to think of ways that I could get some space between each of these to lessen the load and the drive time between appointments. Several were scheduled with less than 15 minutes between even though I would need about 30 minutes to get between these. I thought about how I could alleviate the issue so as not to be late, this is a phobia for me, or that I would miss the appointment. Well, it was late in the day, and I thought that I would take care of everything in the morning to make it work.

When I got up on Tuesday morning having had a great sleep and felt ready to go right from the start of the day. I took the time to read the GS and to do another sit before getting my coffee and checking the schedule. The first thing I saw on my phone was an instant message from my second appointment asking to move it to later in the day. That works. Now I have some time to relax and drive sainly between the additional appointments. I received another instant message asking me to move one of my mastermind calls to Thursday instead of Tuesday. Wow, how did this all happen when I had not called anyone or even made plans on how my day would work out? Well, subby took care of my schedule on Tuesday and I was able to relax and get everything completed in a relaxed and efficient way.

Thank you, the universe, for your help with just one day. I have concrete proof once again that this stuff works. Just do the work and things will happen. I now see once again that the universe has everything in hand.

Paul Jose

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  • Very inspiring to see that it worked out great, when you focused on your mind, and how everything changed, Paul Jose!

  • Crazy, just as sometimes while driving you to take a detour or slow down and later found out if you went that way or if you hadn’t slowed down you would have been in an accident.

  • This is awesome and congratulations!…i really appreciate how you shared that you sat, honored the work, then went about your day and things worked out so well. awesome encouragement to press on in the work

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