MKE Week 3 – Focus, Anyone?

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Having suffered through a week of sitting without thinking – which is impossible – even a beloved spiritual teacher, guru of modern yoga, psychologist, and author says so – I now have something to focus my mind on for this week. Yay!! Disciplining my body is easy for me, as I started out life as a ballet dancer. Disciplining my mind – well, that’s a little trickier. However, as they say on the journey to Carnegie Hall, practice, practice, PRACTICE!!

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  • You understand discipline, MJ, in your body. Now, you apply that focus to your mind and succeed through practice.

  • You inspire with your determination Mary! Yeah keep on, practice, practice, practice!

  • Remember when you danced and you threw thought to the wind and trusted your body? Just be there one step at a time. As my riding coach always said “Practice ,practice, practice until it becomes your practice!

  • “Disciplining my mind – well, that’s a little trickier.” It can and shall be done, Thank you, Mary.

  • Glad to hear you are embracing Practice, Practice, Practice MJ! =)
    Give yourself grace as you learn these new mental exercises to direct your thoughts. Peace.

  • Congratulations! How interesting. You’re thinking that you’re not thinking? How do you do that? Your subconscious will take you where you’re destined! 😉 Yes, Keep practicing.

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