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Well, I have resolved my PPNs. I dropped Spiritual Growth and replaced it with Autonomy. Autonomy feels right. So, the writing of the DMP continues. The first attempt had many issues. I knew the first draft would not be perfect. Everything was not in the present tense. There were negative words, not enough clarity on desires, missing emotions and some others. So, the second attempt goes in and there is improvement however again everything is not in the present tense along with some other issues. Third attempt goes in and again it is better but not perfect. I have some of the same mistakes but at least in different locations. I know it must be perfect for the subconscious, so I do not get frustrated. I am preparing my fourth attempt and hopefully I will have a perfect DMP or at least fewer problems. However, many attempts it takes to get my perfect DMP is okay with me. Sooner would be better than later, but clarity and perfection are better than speed.

Other than the DMP everything else is going smoothly. I am getting all the reading done. Getting my chores done and the meditations in. One thing I have had trouble remembering to do is to look for the colors and shapes. I have not figured out a way to remind myself during the day to look. Today I thought maybe I should draw the shapes and colors on my hand every day until it starts to become a habit. Maybe I’ll try just one shape on my hand every day and see if that triggers me to think of the other colors and shapes also. A little experimentation should resolve the problem.
Every week it gets a little easier to get everything and so the journey continues.

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  • So far the colors and shapes have not stood out for me, either, John. Sounds you came up with a good reminder!

  • Slow and steady wins the race!
    It’s great that you find creative ways to happily include your coursework.
    Great blog John.

  • Great thinking, John, finding ways to integrate the habits into your everyday life. Allow only positive thoughts to enter your Subby. Watch it all unfold effortlessly.

  • Great job John, you are making progress and moving toward your dharma. I love your attitude, take as long as you need to ‘get it right.’

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