MKE Week 3 – Correct Foundations

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Still At It, Again And Again…….Every Act With Constant Repetition Becomes Easy Right? Right!??! Starting To Get Comfortable With All This Uncomfortable Action. Despite The
Associated Difficulties, I Can Only Continue To Embrace The Challenges Of These Divine Tasks We Are All Currently Engaged In. Whether I Am Struggling To Write A Blog, Revise My DMP, Or Expressing Power& Confidence& Love Through Powerful Daily Readings, It Always Feels Like I Am Doing Exactly What I Am Supposed To Be Doing!! It’s Like My Other Mind Knows That “This Is Good, This Is Right.

Keep Going, Do More!!” Small, Positive Habits Making Subby Stronger!! Not To Mention It’s Awesome To Finally Prioritize The Most Important Work I Could Be Doing…………Working On The World Within!!

Creating, Developing, And Illuminating The World Within!! The True Source Of All Power!!! I Feel That This Course Is A Literal Godsend And Am Truly Blessed To Be A Part Of It!! It Us Incredibly Fulfilling Knowing I Am Doing The “Right Work” As Opposed To Wasting Another Moment Spinning My Wheels In The Action Box.

I Was A Big Believer In The Action Box Too!! While I Do Believe It Is Possible To “Outwork Your Self Doubt” (Alex Hormozi), I Believe It Even More Important To Lay The Correct Foundations So To Speak. Can’t Build A Solid Structure On A Shaky Foundation Right?

Everything Wired Correctly, Ideally From The Start!! Imagine How Different Life Would Be If Subby Was Programmed Correctly From The Start?!? Zero Negative Habits, Free Of Bad Wiring!! Game Over!!

Another Life Ago, I Taught Martial Arts. Beginning Students Were Taught To Practice Techniques In A Slow, Controlled, Rhythmic& Smooth Manner In Order To Wire Everything Properly And Avoid Building Bad Habits Into Their Technique.They Were Made To Practice This Way for What Seemed Like An Extended Period Of Time. Most Often This Resulted In Students With Far Superior Technique Who Could Perform In Any Situation, Without The Use Of Excessive Strength Or Brute Force, Appearing Almost Effortless. Drawing Some Parallels Here!

I Love This Approach We’re Taking And The Habits We Are Building. Mark J & The Fab Davene Definitely Know What The Fork They Are Doing!!! Maybe They Used To Teach Martial Arts?? In A Way They Do!!! They Have Shown Me So Much More Quality
& Truth Than Any Of The Self-Helpers And Life Coaches I’ve Dealt With!!

Alright, So One Of My Big Wins This Week Was Showing Up On Marco Polo…………..Finally………And Introducing Myself To The Tribe- Team Harmony!! F**k Yeah!!!

They Are All Incredibly Helpful, Insightful, Supportive Individuals And I Am Blessed To Be In Their Presence!! I Am Grateful And Excited To Continue On This Path With Them
And Help & Assist Any Way I Can. Ok, That About Does It For Now. If You’re Reading This Please Know That You’re Completely Forkin’ Amazing And I Love You!!! Until NextTime………………..Peace!!

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  • Chris, bringing your style of teaching martial arts has served you well in #MKE. Patience and practice to build the foundation, etc. Looking forward to reading more in Week #4! 🙂

  • Thanks for the insights, Chris! It matters how you start, and the foundation is the cornerstone for anything that matters. Then showing up to prove you really exist. Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks for the insights, Chris! It matters how you start, and the foundation is the cornerstone for anything that matters. Then showing up to prove you really exist. Keep up the good work!

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