MKE Week 3 – Busy, busy, busy mind which is reflective of my life

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Who knew I would have such a busy mind? In doing the 15-minute sitting exercise and trying to empty my brain I realized how busy my mind is. I feel like there are glimpses where my brain is quiet, then all of a sudden, my mind is going here, there and everywhere. The picture of the roller coaster is a good analogy of where my brain has been going while doing this 15-minute sitting exercise. Thinking of all the things I have to do, thinking of things that stress me out, thinking of regrets I have, etc. etc. So, all of this makes me more aware of how much peace and quiet is a commodity these days. I need to be present and centered and my mind should quiet down. I must remember that this process and learning takes time.

Also, these 15 minutes reminds me, before I start the process, how is my body feeling? Am I feeling stressed? Is my body tensed up? Do I have any discomfort anywhere? Perhaps taking a few minutes ahead of time before doing this exercise will help me with quieting my mind. Instead of a task, how do I set this process for success?

This exercise makes me more aware of what happens outside of these 15 minutes. What am I thinking of and if these thoughts are doing me any service. If nothing else when my brain goes to something negative, then at shift my thinking to something positive. Or if that is too much at the beginning or if I need a quick shift then take a deep breath. Each step moves me closer to my goal.

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  • Each step does get you closer to the goal. Take a deep breath and let the inside fill you and let the outside go. The gold will shine through the cracks! Thank you.

  • Those sounds in your mind are the call of the cement. As you create your new habits, Suzette, the echos become what you desire rather than that which you do not.

  • Wonderful insights Suzette! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience with the MKE. Keep up the great work. You’re doing amazing!

  • I love your blog! Sure gives me a crystal clear picture of the mind and how it wanders! I love the questions you ask yourself; I do the same thing!!!

  • Yay, Suzette, you are making a great progress as you shared in this blog. Definitely “the sit” is one of the powerful tool that I have developed and love continuing to sharpen and deepen in my journey. So enjoy the “process” and it will become easier and a great tool to bring peace and ease for you body, your mind and soul.

  • Hi Suzette, I’m delighted to read of your “taking a deep breath.” I find focusing on my natural breathing helps quiet my mind.
    Your awareness of thoughts before and after the sit, too, is good, and you know to change negative thoughts to positive ones. Hooray!

  • Great job Suzette, keep it up and I am looking forward to the next post for more of you reaching your new habits.

  • mahalo for sharing this Suzette.
    I love your approach – “Instead of a task, how do I set this process for success?”
    Enjoy your MKE Week 3 🙂

  • thanks for the quiet smile Ann – “I’ve never read it..” 🙂
    Enjoy your week and tell that rat in the maze to chill 🙂

  • Thank you for sharing this… of all the things, this has been the most uncomfortable. Years ago I bought a book called how to medidate. (I’ve never read it). Your experience gives me more hope. I am still focused on remaining still for the entire time, my mind is like a rat in a maze. 🙂

  • I’ve found checking in with my body while doing my sit is helpful to guide my thoughts, so you can experiment with that too.

  • As we think, so we do and are. Terrific reflections, Suzette. Thanks for tying the body-mind connection here!

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