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This week, everything feels like it’s getting more complicated. I need to dig deep to figure out and define exactly what does life look like, and feel like, if it were perfect right now? I need to create that picture with words and details and emotion and ENTHUSIASM! Helping others. What does that mean to me? Well, one way is when I help someone get rid of or manage a health challenge that they sometimes have had for years, that will give me goose bumps all over. It’ like a stream of miracles. Then, what am I willing to give up? That is something I’m still working on.

Meet Rod Kotter

Rod grew up in Logan, Utah, and worked in the plumbing and heating company for five years after graduating high school.  He felt he needed to be more independent, so he built his own portable welding truck and moved to Wyoming.  There, he worked in the oil and natural gas industry for most of his life and enjoyed the challenging projects as they were always something new.  Rod has consistently advocated for natural health and helping people be healthy.  He is building a business from home in the wellness industry and feels he is now at the right place and time with the right products to help more people.  Through the MKE course, he is learning the skills and knowledge to take on business and personal life challenges.  

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  • Hey, Rod! Keep it up, my friend! Your ability to help others, especially with their health, is commendable!

  • Embrace the process, Rod. Keep in mind that Helping Others, for our purposes, is done without expectation of reciprocity. Although it feels great, if you get paid for doing it, it’s not without reciprocity.

  • Bravo Rod!!! You are giving yourself the gift of self discovery and thinking for yourself. I invite you to give yourself grace…for most people its the first time I years, even decades, that we asked ourselves truly what we want our lives to be like….and to give ourselves permission to believe to is possible. Just 1 day at a time, 1 mental exercise at a time. I enjoy your shares in Polo – you are already stretching yourself. Celebrate you!!

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