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It has been an interesting week to say at the least. I have always been able to make sense of the projects I work on or the tasks given to me. I have to say that this DMP has been one of the most challenging assignments that I have ever had.

I have looked at my own DMP and thought it as clever. I was totally blown away. Week 3 was an eye opener when Davene and the MKE crew went over some DMPs as examples. I looked over my DMP and said I could do better, but how?

On Tuesday, while I was in my sit, trying to be calm and relaxed, I had a momentary vision that made clear of my personal road blocks that were holding me back. It was as a spotlight was aimed at my inner soul. I had clarity finally, but the challenge of working out my “ghosts” and form a positive and motivating DMP has become my new reality.

I have found that I am not alone in this adventure and am inspired by words from the heart of my fellow MKE adventurers. I look to learn and share in the spiritual journey that the Master Key Experience and am excited for the life I am crafting with purpose.

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  • Look at the growth, Michael, you have already realized! It is astonishing to go through the six months and see how much positive change happens.

  • Excellent insight Michael. I have to admit that drafting a DMP is very hard mentally BUT when you do get it right it feels so awesome.

  • Great hearing about your breakthroughs! Lean on your tribe, your Guide/Master/Staff – share your experiences in Marco Polo. Great support and conversation with your tribe mates helps clear some of the obstacles!

  • Another great blog Michael! Thank you for sharing your discoveries! As you say, you are not alone, and sharing experiences, can make it feel more secure together when the cement cracks off, even though everyone has its own journey.

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