MKE Week 3 – Bad, Old Subby. Bad, Bad

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Vance Hamilton
MKE Week – 3
Looks like I am still playing catch up. I am still plagued with overwhelm and ‘trying to find enough time’. I know this is the old Subby acting in old ways. But I am determined to press on and win over.
I hate to sound negative. This is pretty much where I am at this week. But never fear, I have not given up. I should have a little more to write about next week. Sorry.

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  • Hey Vance, do I know that feeling. I find it easier to level up if I accept the current situation, let go of the resistance and just love myself just the way I am. I see You and I shining and invincible like never before. Happy Saturday – The Force is with Us!! Loads of Love and Smiles from SwEden 🥰🤗🌹

  • Esther, You are so right! Enjoy the journey Vance, for you have a story to share to encourage others to press onwards!

  • Vance, your blog is encouraging to me…Reminds me of keeping going even it the going gets tough! With much admiration!

  • Tuan is sure establishing great new habits and leaving the ones he doesn’t want anymore behind!

  • Apologize not Accepted! (j,k.) Give yourself more credit Tuan! You are on top of it! Being organized before your vacation and submitting your DMP then hopping on Tribe zoom! My applaud and huge shout out!

  • Vance, you don’t have to apologize for “being real and honest”. You are on the right track for recognizing how your old sunny is acting as this is the necessary step you take to be able to train this old stubborn Subby with all the exercises you are doing daily. Yes, keep pressing onward and you will be amazed how your new blueprint takes over this old Subby. Enjoy the process!

  • Everything is okay Vance, let go of the old and move forward to new life, and new habits.

  • Sounds like you and I had the same week, Vance. Mine was full of challenges too. Keep moving ahead one moment at a time… I’ve heard that a big breakdown is right before a big breakthrough. I’m over here cheering for you!

  • Let your determination win, Vance. That’s one massive step toward creating the life you’ve always wanted. Congratulations!

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