MKE Week 3 – Architecture in Words

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This is a very good day working on the DMP perfecting the words to build up the architecture of the words, putting feelings into it and see it.

Most important and it is very important is to write everything and every word in the present tense. In the present tense as if everything I want is here. As if I am already experiencing it already, so I can see it, I see the colours, I touch it, I feel it, I measure it, and I feel the heat, the cold, the temperature.

The wind, the breeze, and then I breathe. I breathe deep in and out, breathing the whole picture inside my lungs. Then I read my DMP over and over again with all these feelings then it is amazing how a smile can be created from feelings I am now generating, a feeling of gratitude, I know my soul is smiling…

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  • I am right with you Joesette, as I read what you wrote, I could feel what you are feeling…thank you for sharing this. xoxo

  • Great imagery Josette! The importance of present tense is such a valuable concept, and adding the feelings kicks it up a notch. Good for you.

  • Hi Josette. Great post. Love the idea you can see it, touch it, feel it. And I love that it makes you smile 🙂 Inspiring words. Thanks so much.

  • Yes, you have captured the essence of the DMP, once you know how to write it and use it well, the Master Key System starts working for you! Great post, congratulations!

  • I love that you’ve been able to create a DMP that makes your soul smile! You are getting it done!!!

  • Week 3 – very eye-catching title. Words mean things. Constructing your DMP to reflect YOU… is achievable.

  • Congratulations, Josette, on capturing the important concept that words are the highest form of architecture! You understand how critically important constructing that DMP is to your success — Woot Woot!

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