MKE Week 3 – A New World!

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This week was all about discovering some hidden truth I had heard about but didn’t quite understand until now. As a believer, we are thought that we are the temple of the Spirit. I was far from grasping this reality. What a surprise to learn about the Solar Plexus, this part of human that bears so much power.

Thinking of it, I wonder what could have happened to me if I had discovered what lies inside of me in my twenties? It is scary and at the same time it brings a sense of powerfulness even though I have only scratched the surface. I can’t imagine what lies ahead.

It is scary to think that all these years, the Solar Plexus has always been there with and in us and we had to go through life in misery for no reason. It is also scary to know that without the chance to get involved in the MKE program, we would have carried on living in ignorance and maybe die without ever becoming who truly we are. I feel this high sense of gratitude toward the MKE leadership and, especially toward the friend who extended the invitation to me.

It makes me think of the story of the golden Buddha. I think that the concrete has started falling from my statue of body. Now that I know that there is gold, pure gold inside of me, something has awakened up in my spirit and there is no way around but let the light shine and shine bright at last.

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  • YES AUBIN!!!!!! Let your light shine and shine brighter than the sun, or the Solar Plexus. Always remember that we may present the MKE, but it is truly all YOU in accepting what is presented and really doing the work. I can tell you are doing it and that gold is beautiful.

  • We don’t know what we don’t know, Aubin. Now that you have the knowledge, how do you best utilize it . . . and share it.

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