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I’m not going to lie. The first few weeks have seemed a bit confusing. I like structure and organization, and it has felt like I have been completely out of control. Kind of like Blind Faith. Although I have not completed everything 100% every day, I find that with time, I remember more and am finishing all tasks with increasing regularity. I’m working on building those good habits.

And, today things are starting to come together. It’s amazing how I feel more slightly more peaceful when things start to make more sense. I do realize that the puzzle pieces are still haphazard, though I am noticing that a few pieces along the edge are starting to be put together and it is exciting.

Cheers to completing Week 3’s homework and watching more of the puzzle unfold.

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  • Isn’t that somewhat typical of any new unfamiliar thing? I can relate! (You’ve got this!)

  • Good job Loriann, isn’t it great when things come together? Keep going, in faith, more peace appears.

  • Miss Loriann, it is a great feeling when something clicks and progress is seen, keep it up.

  • Week three and you are already discovering with such clarity what you unfold thru the habits. Well done!

  • I can completely relate! I keep feeling like I’ve forgotten something, then I check my notes and I’m relieved to find I am doing all the things. LOL I think like you mentioned, it will feel more familiar soon.

  • It really is great when the pieces start to fit together Lisa. You will end up with a beautiful picture which is your life. Believe in the process, it will all make sense.

  • I have felt confused these first couple weeks as well. Here’s to blind faith and trusting the process!

  • Week 3 done, LoriAnn. Love it that you recognize that you are developing “good habits”… You wrote it, I believe it.
    Go over to read Allan Smith’s week 3. Here’s a quote I grabbed from him.
    “what we are doing in MKE is not only building new habits but (much more importantly) building a process of building habits. We’re harnessing the power of imagining a new behavior and repeating it to educate the unconscious mind” Allan Smith.

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