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I am still feeling overwhelmed and stressed (sigh). I have a thousand things to do and finding time to get everything done is very challenging. I recognize the daily readings and exercises are establishing new neural pathways and habits, but in true human fashion, I want it to happen faster! (haha) I noticed I am more productive because I do things as soon as I think of them, but it doesn’t reduce the number of things on my list. I trust I will find ease and flow in my schedule as the weeks go on and I will begin to enjoy my experience.

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I am a sign language interpreter for school aged Deaf and hard of hearing students. I am a Certified Wholistic Health Coach and passionate about using nutrition and natural approaches for restoring and maintaining ideal health. I’m a big fan of humor, especially puns!

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  • Trust the process, Brittany. You are exactly where you should be. Today’s video on the peptides should be so helpful in your journey.

  • I often feel the same way! Too many tasks to do during the day, which makes the 15 min sit extra challenging, right?! When I feel overwhelmed with MKE tasks and my other obligations, I remember that this journey is to get to our ideal life, and are my every day tasks that are stressing me out going to lead me there? That helps me calm down and put priority on the tasks that will change my life. Hope this helps!

  • How right you are, Brittany, that it will get easier–Haanel assures that in the reading this week: “The new actions will, however, in their turn, become habitual, then automatic, then subconscious in order that the mind again may be freed from this detail and advance to still other activities.” Maybe the thousands will get down to just the hundreds! (Ha!)

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