MKE Week 13 – What Am I Grateful For?

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What am I grateful for?

In MKE this week, we were given the task to ask that question to ourselves and write individual gratitudes out on index cards, one gratitude for each card.

And I love it! Bringing to mind all the gratitude keeps me present in that feeling. It also helps me stay in a good mood longer.

This week we were also asked to really dive deep on what we’ve accomplished in life. Like the gratitude cards, accomplishments come in all sizes… like brushing our teeth every day, making the bed, getting an interview for a job, feeding the dog, graduation from highschool, learning to knit, washing dishes, the list goes on.

When asked to put one accomplishment per card, at first I thought this would be a challenge because once I went thru the big ones like getting thru school, taking a job, buying a house, having a family, I thought I would run out of ideas to put on the cards.

Boy was I wrong.

Because as I took a closer look at the little steps that made the big things happen,
those accomplishments came to me so fast and furious that I could hardly keep up in writing them all down.

This is such a brilliant experience, I love it so much. It helps me to stay “in the moment” with gratitude and is definitely building my self confidence up as I flip thru the cards and remind my subconscious that I’m amazing and I have done so much.

Meet Sarah Krug

Sarah considers herself a creative free spirit who loves to live in the moment. She has a passion for knitting, making music, being her own boss and enjoys living on the coast of Southern NJ with her husband and 4 children.

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