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I persist until I succeed.

When I was 7 I started going to Girl Scout sleepover camp for two weeks every summer. I and about 20 other little girls were sent to live out in the tall pines on wooden platforms with big canvas tents and bugnets the only things keeping us from the soft blueberry nights.

The first few nights I would cry myself to sleep and refuse to take out the braid my mom had lovingly sent me off with. Eventually though, the excitement of making new friends, splashing in the lake, and campfire songs would replace my yearning for home.

The most exciting of these distractions was the end of session talent show where we were invited to perform for the whole camp of girls ages 6-15. My girlfriends and I all decided that a Spice Girls number was the only rational choice for a good talent show.

We practiced and practiced but I was starting to get frustrated. The girls on my team were a little slow to pick up the moves that my gymnast body thought were simple enough. I was frustrated and dismayed that the our performance at the talent show would be a disaster.

So I jumped ship. Another team saw my obvious knack for fluid movement and suggested I join their team as Posh Spice. I felt guilty for deserting the sinking ship that was my original friends, but I wanted to win!

Our team practiced and practiced and we had the perfect moves, awesome costumes, and got up on stage and gave it our all. Adequate applause. Then the group I had deserted got on stage.

I wanted to cover my face I was so embarrassed for them. This was going to suck I thought. But instead they absolutely rocked the house. Sure their moves were rudimentary, but their sass was unstoppable. Sure they had too many girls being Baby Spice, but they had bubbles. BUBBLES. And then a standing ovation.

I was floored and I vowed to never desert my team again. If I am unhappy with my lot in life, I will work to make it work and trust that hard work can turn around any apparently hopeful situation! I regret that decision but hope that my commitment to being loyal can rectify that big regret.

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  • i love your blog. it actually reminds me of Og’s lesson this month – to focus on what makes us different and be proud of it – focus on our own bubbles. who decides what ‘good’ is anyways -. 🙂

  • That’s a life lesson, Aschel. We all make mistakes, and then (hopefully) learn, and grow, and become better! Obviously, that “Top Gun” lesson made a mark.

  • Fabulous! What a great example of ‘persist until you succeed’ – you learned a valuable lesson that summer, that has obviously stayed with you:)

  • Your blog reminds me of the saying ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’.
    Thank you for sharing your innermost realisation Aschel.

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