MKE Week 13 – Absolute Shivers

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When I read this quote it gave me shivers. As I write, I am still experiencing some sense of euphoria. To believe that anything is possible.

It reminds me of this newer movie that my kids and I have watched several times now. The title of the movie is “Onward” by Disney in 2020. It is about these two brothers who find an old magic staff that they can use to bring their dad back from the grave for just one day.

In one scene the one brother had to believe with a magic spell that there was a bridge beneath his feet to cross a huge ravine. Although the older brother took extra precautions to tie a rope around his brother’s waist, before he stepped into the abyss.

Unfortunately, the rope proceeded to come loose and the younger brother believed without the extra assurance of the rope. Faith over Fear, I guess. And although this was just a movie with magic and defying the laws of gravity it was a really cute scene.

This reminds me how we all need to believe with our innate inner power. I believe I am a hopeless success!!

If you haven’t seen the movie yet I strongly encourage you to. It is a great feel good movie to watch.

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  • Good points that you brought up. Other great examples include Luke trying to get his ship out of the muck in Star Wars- his inability to believe in himself and (I think that it was Peter), when he noticed that he was walking on water, he looked down at his feet in disbelief and sank.

  • Thanks Heather, I loved that movie as well – it is a real Hero’s Journey adventure:) Thanks for sharing. I should watch it again.

  • Thanks for reminding us of our choices, Heather! We can trust what we can see (and know the physical world can let us down) or we can trust what we can’t see and let Faith win over Fear. I appreciate the movie tip, too!

  • I love your post, Heather. Thanks, now I want to watch that movie. Preferably with a child, mine are both big now, but maybe I can “borrow” a couple munchkins to watch it together with. ❤️

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