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In the recent years I have come to learn how important our words and thoughts are. As my awareness has increased, the more I catch myself, and I have the opportunity to re-frame my words before releasing them.

The MKE experience is building on that awareness, every week becoming stronger. The layers of the onion are peeling away one by one, and my resistance is softening. My husband said to me years ago now, unspoken words don’t have to be taken back. We can apply that to ourselves as much as words we say to others.

Thoughts matter, words matter, choose wisely.

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  • Very important and so true! Thank you Lynn, for lifting that up in your blog. You can’t be reminded of that too often ;-).

    “We can apply that to ourselves as much as words we say to others.”

    I had an conversation actually today with a close friend how she thinks about and describes herself. So many find difficulties to describe themselves as the lovely, soulful beings they are. Or to give themselves the portion of positive credit that they deserve after having done something really great.
    Just being a good example is to make the world a happier place to live in. You are doing great Lynn!

  • Yes, Lynn. As Haanel states, “Language is man’s highest form of architecture.” — or something very similar. LOL 🙂

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