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Another powerful week! What I love about MKE is that we are an active part of our own Journey, powered by weekly lessons and applications, but if we don’t do the work, we will not reap the rewards.

It is as simple as that! The only person to blame is the person that is staring back at us in the mirror.

I host the Holidays for my family and the hustle and bustle that December brings, I have to admit I have not been a good student of MKE. The NARC we learned really brought that home!

I know it is time to get back on track with the habits and really make 2023 start right now! I have learned that I can look forward to whatever I want to look forward to, but none of it will come to fruition unless I Do something today to make it so!

During Christmas Day, my son in law made a comment, his wish was to make money without having to work so hard! Everyone looked at me, because I have been building a business that they can’t wrap their head around, and I am dong exactly what he is wishing for, crazy how so many times the answer is right in front of us, if we only open our minds to the possibilities, yet so many don’t, and he might just wish his life away, but lucky for him, I’m in MKE! ; )

Happy Holidays Everyone!! Grateful to be here!!

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  • Wow Maria, What a gift we have indeed. Family always makes this a little crazy and hectic and we can lose our balance, but MKE really helps us keep that together. So grateful.

  • I think there is no such thing as coincident so you participating in the MKE now, when your son in law wants to find ways to make money without working so much is just the Universe delivering with perfect timing as always 😉
    I wish you a fantastic continuation and a happy new year!

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