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Those words have been going around my head this whole week. “The Father and I are One”. Over and over and I came to a point a few days ago when I felt it so clearly, of course, God and I are one. That is the Truth and it cannot be any other way.

I went to see the new Avatar movie (spoiler warning if you haven’t seen the movie) and it triggered something deep in me. I cried after the movie. What touched me so deeply was how the male main character had been so harsh in his love towards his sons. Scolding them for breaking his rules when they decided to be brave, to be like him, and get themselves into very dangerous situations, only to defend and help others. The love of the father came out as anger in the beginning of the movie, but at the end, the father changed his ways as one of the son’s were lost in the war against the machine and so, the father felt remorse and regret for being so hard. His heart melted and softened and he cried as he got to see his lost son in the spirit world. The anger was gone.

Father, so much is about you this week. It is about healing the Divine Feminine, the soft side that we all have inside of us, women as well as men. The side of us that embraces, warmly hugs, holds us in pure, unconditional love, the tenderness of the Mother. Many of us, including me, never got that as a child. I was over 30 the first time I experienced unconditional love. Real love. Many of us grew up in worlds where emotions were totally suppressed. Nobody held us when we cried. We were abused in all kinds of cruel ways that have been handed down for many generations of fear and control.

The abominable ways that pedophilia, violence and sexual abuse has formed us is an immense problem and it will not go away by us hiding the pain in the darkest closets of the subconscious. We can use it creatively and constructively.

We can take the pain that we turned into nearly impenetrable cocoons and paint our slowly unfolding gossamer spirit butterfly wings with the colors of the pain. Like in the movie Avatar where the grief turns into golden Light.

I have cried this night. I have also slept a lot the last few days. I have felt so old, ancient and not in a good way. It has been painful. I don’t like feeling my bodily temple hurting and looking old and wasted. I had a hard time accepting, instead I have “mastered” myself. Been strong. Used the Seven laws “successfully” to not be bothered by the cement. Controlled myself, and still, it wanted to be released whatever was in there so I decided to let it out with my words.

Yesterday I helped my mother clean out the chicken coop after the mass death of hens that happened some ten days ago as we shifted time lines. A lot of incarnated souls have left their bodies the last couple of weeks, some very close friends of mine too. Here at the farm at least a hundred hens just sat down, sort of fell asleep and after a couple of days their spirits just left. I was there at the moment when it happened for some of them and I saw a stream of Light lifting from their bodies as their spirits left.

Everything happens with perfection.

I have noticed a dramatic shift in my mother. I have always perceived her as a materialistic person. She has always put money before everything else. Especially her own happiness and her own family and friends. She taught me that there is no such thing as a “soul”. She says she does not believe in God. I tried to subscribe to her ideas when I was little, she is my mom after all, but something didn’t seem right. I was 12 when I first said to my friends that “my purpose in Life was to be enlightened like Ellinor Roosevelt”. That is when the rebellion started. I have been on the path since then and I have been very lonely with this kind of belief in Sweden, the most secular country I know on this planet.

However, cleaning out the chicken coop yesterday, my mom said to me, “I wonder what happens when somebody dies?”, “Where does that “energy” go?”. She searched for the word and I answered, “You mean the prana or qi, the life force energy?” and she said, “Yes, that “energy””. After a short pause I said to her that the life force goes into other forms, to new incarnated beings, plants, animals, people, microbes. Life turns into new life where there is a consciousness that wants to “take a turn” in the material world. She really did not want to listen to me, it was like she wanted to figure it out for herself.

This is the first time ever my mom has talked about something spiritual with me. Something is happening with her, she is waking up.

I have given her a yoga class as a Christmas present. Before I signed her up for the class I asked if she wanted to go and she said YES, with a big smile. I can hardly believe that my mother, now 82, is going to attend a yoga class, her first ever, next week. How is that for a transformation?

This night I have cried a lot. I tried to sleep but I couldn’t because of the unresolved pain in my heart. The betrayal of my father, of my grandfathers. All the men, lovers, brothers, fathers, toxic men – and women with toxic masculine sides – narcissists, pedophiles, sociopaths etc. that have hurt me and so many. It all happened for a reason and it is now all in the past. We are healed as we learn how to handle and use the pain constructively (check out the movie “Wild”, if you haven’t yet).

I have quite a few beautiful, soft, tender, poised males in my life today and I am not afraid of men anymore. I stood up to the toxic ones like a proud, courageous lioness and now I am finally a real inspiration, even for my mother.

We have come full circle and it is time to light the top star on the Christmas Tree. Not only my Crown Chakra lights up, but this moment the Crown Chakra of the human collective consciousness opens up the thousand petalled lotus, the Sahasra, to celebrate Christ Mass. We are flooded with the pure Unconditional love as the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine come into in Union.

Thirteen is the sacred number for the Divine Feminine and for Rebirth and Resurrection.

The Father God and the Mother God and I are One.


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  • Thank you for sharing so vulnerably Ann-Charlotte! Crying is an effective and cleansing way to go thru and let go of things inside you, that you either need to just let go, or to transform. I appreciated much our last talk and am looking forward to the next.

  • Beautiful blog post! Thank you for sharing and for being vulnerable. As Jen said, you are letting your light shine and bringing that light to your mother and others. Wonderful!

  • Remember the crown chakra is fueled by the line of chakras within. The inner child and the heart as well. Lots of powerful work being done and shared. Thank you. Stand in your truth of who you are and you will be in the presence of greatness

  • Hi Ann-Charlotte, A beautiful share from a grateful heart. We are all one. God in us creates that fellowship. It is the hardships that we experience that create the strength to help others. You are blessed to embrace the future.

  • Ann-Charlotte, your consciousness is more than a million of those you portray as less than — and that’s not even counting the chickens! 🙂

  • Thank You, Jen, I feel that I am in the magic presence of Masters this very special night. I always was, of course, but the radiance of that truth was shielded from my earthly senses. Not so anymore. I am now here, in Joyful Service to God and All That Is. Full of expectancy, like a child the night before Christmas 💖🤗

  • Beautiful blog post Ann-Charlotte. Thank you for sharing such personal experiences with us. You are leading by example and applying the knowledge and skills you are learning from the MKE- most of all you are shining your authentic light and living a self-directed Life in harmony with your true self….just as you quoted from Ch 13 “The Father and I are One”. Cheering you on as you continue to shine your Light!

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