MKE Week 13 – Solstice and Stillness

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Solstice – a Time of Transition

Today is the Winter Solstice – December 21, 2016. Today, the sun “stands still” – (via Old French from Latin sōlstitium, literally: the (apparent) standing still of the sun, from sōl sun + sistere to stand still) and is on its zenith at the Tropic of Capricorn. 

The deepest dark is on us today, and from tomorrow on, the daylight hours will become longer and lighter.

I got to thinking this morning how we’re half way on our Master Key journey, and this is another turning point in more ways than one.

Within the Master Key Experience course, I am also moving from darkness to light, from unawareness to awareness. The journey over these past 13 weeks has been one of ups and downs, stalls and re-starts, wonderful inspiration and foggy disharmony.

There have been days when I struggled within to complete the readings, when I felt myself slipping back into old patterns of thought and actions. When the meditative sit was anything but meditative.

That’s when reading the journaling blog posts from other members has helped me make it through the doldrums. I’m not alone on this journey. Others are there, with their own joys and trials, successes and enlightenments; and the sharing of them makes us all stronger.

There have been other days – and weeks – when all of the activities, the readings and the affirmations have lifted me to new heights of energy and belief that I can be what I will to be. These are the times when I shouted out my affirmations, read my DMP aloud with enthusiasm and total belief, and felt uplifted and strong.

They are the days when the wise words within the scrolls and within the Master Key lessons have moved me to tears and to astonished belief in my own power.

Right now, it’s time to take a moment to catch my breath. This time of solstice – and the week before the New Year, is my time to “stand still”, to take stock, a time for slowing down, for meditating and recharging.

I am preparing for the new me to emerge, riding a wave of energy, and primed to lock in my intentions, dreams and goals along with the New Year.

– Nicolette Goff

Meet Nicki Goff

Nicolette Goff is a watercolourist, writer, and dedicated gardener. Her books, articles, and paintings reveal her love of nature. She confesses to reading over 300 books a year.

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  • What an amazing awareness, Nicki, and how fun to share where you were so you can see how far you’ve come. Thanks for sharing this and thanks so much for all you do for the staff and members of the MKE! It’s deeply appreciated!

  • I see the solstice is a welcome pause to regroup and kindle a renewed enthusiasm after a harsh year. Best to you in 2023, Nancy!

  • Keep moving from darkness into light as the Earth moves. Stand in the astonished belief in your own power! Happy Solstice!

  • Thanks, Nicky, for pointing out how the winter solstice and the mid-point in the #MKE program, seem to coincide! 🙂

  • Very nice post – I love the idea of a ‘solstice rest’. I became more relaxed reading about your experience! I will do the same during the next few days!

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