MKE Week 13 – Make a SPLASH wherever you go!

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I am so very grateful for this Master Key Experience. I am growing and changing daily. I am thrilled about watching my emerging new self grow into the reality of each day.

I am sitting here, writing this blog and trying to wrap my head around it. It blows my mind! This whole experience has been like jumping into the river of my life and letting it take me to my destination. Granted, it is taking me but I still have to do the daily work to stay afloat in the water. I have to push myself to paddle through the places of rough current and stagnant pools of water.

I have to do the work in the Sit, the DMP, the BPB, the service cards, the gratitude cards, etc. that change the way I swim. They also empower me to call others to jump in the river with me. I am becoming the person who likes to make a splash wherever I go. I love to splash people with kindness, grace and generosity. I love to see their eyes when they feel seen by a comment I’ve made or a gesture of affection I’ve given. I’m thrilled about the reality that my gratitude creates gratefulness in others, I love that my engagement in my dreams causes others to dream and I love that my courage gives others courage. As my confidence rises, so does theirs! I have the power to lift the spirits of others and incite them to dream again.

I am incredibly blessed and excited about the future!

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  • seconding Loren on his comment – thanks for sharing your blog post Teresa – I love your enthusiastic incitation power for others to dream again 🙂

  • Yes, Teresa, you are making quite a splash! This is what I told Loriann, whose blog I just read, “‘This is like a blog Mark J and Fab D might use to promote #MKE! I think I’ll ask Davene to check it out! Well done! 🙂 I” might as well include your blog with hers! 🙂

  • What a lovely post, Teresa. I resonate with your words, and they lift me even higher. Thank you!

  • Thank you Teresa for all the valuable contributions you are making in our MKE community- your inspiring blogs, comments in Alliances, and encouragement in your Marco Polo tribe. Cheering you on!!

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