MKE Week 13 – Las Tarjetas De Gratitud

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I had forgotten what it means to be grateful.
Lack of gratitude leads to a lack of everything, including hope and encouragement.

I’m having a blast with these Gratitude Cards!
I mean, forget about reading them…
Just CREATING them is fun!

Because we are all creative beings.

I just started to write stream of consciousness.
I had gone through so many, I don’t even know the true number.
I also inspired to write down several Achievement Cards.
I look forward to continuing them.
I know that, left to my own devices, I will be a negative ninny towards Khush.
But the more I recognize how much I have actually achieved in my life — even the seemingly little things — the more I become aware of my awesomeness. 😄

My challenge is to do this often enough that I finally get over my “I’m A Bother; I’m A Burden” conversation that keeps rearing its ugly head.

No…not my challenge.
It’s my project.

After all…

I Have A Specific Plan For A Total Personality Makeover! 😎

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  • Awesome post Khush. It is amazing what happens when you start writing down gratitude’s and your achievements. We tend to forget the little things that we have accomplishes in our lives but they are amazing when we look back on them.

  • I am so grateful for your post. Khush. Thanks for giving me one more thing to be grateful for. Isn’t it beautiful how the gratitude just starts flowing as we focus on that, the gratitude. Endless things to be grateful for.

  • You’re certainly on the path you’re supposed to be ob and the gratitude cards simply elicited things that were already inside of. Your continued efforts are dividends of the future you…keep them going!
    I literally read your post right after going through one of my piles of the mixed cards and deciding to write more achievement cards as well, great minds masterminding become one powerful part of our growth and future selves!
    What blessings this truly has brought unto us all…

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