MKE Week 13 – In gratitude, not alone and climbing over that mountain

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We got a huge dump of snow in Vancouver, BC. Compared to the rest of the country, in the lower Mainland, we don’t have as much equipment to clean the snow. Besides cleaning the sidewalks to make sure people are safe walking, the side streets in the suburbs are pretty much unplowed. This is the time where we are totally in gratitude for what we have. In our case spending time together as a family. Electricity to stay warm. And watch TV as a family. Sometimes we are so busy with life and “to do’s” to stop and enjoy the small things in life. At times the Universe finds a way to force us to stop and look at what is around us and remind us to be grateful for what we have.

Our life is finite on this planet so taking the time and being grateful for what we are given helps us be in the moment. Many times, as we have learned from this as well as other programs, that we are focused on the past or the future. We forget to live in the now. As the end of the year of nearing, perhaps this is a good time to reflect on the year we have all had, and be grateful for all the gifts provided by the Universe. Do we want 2023 to be a better year than 2022? Not saying that 2022 was a bad year as it led all of us to this point and to take this wonderful MKE course. What I mean is how will you shape 2023 to what you want? Will you climb over the mountain? Or will you give up as Luc said last Sunday?

I took the time to go back and see how many people who are still blogging, and are continuing forward, and so sad for the ones who have dropped off over time. Sending all of them love and wishing they had continued and hadn’t given up. I am so grateful for the rest of us who are continuing forward. The process is never perfect, and at times we stumble, but we are continuing. We have each other to help us through this process and we appreciate the lovely messages and thoughts through the Sunday meetings, Marco Polo, texts, Zoom or through the alliances. If you need help please don’t give up, reach out as we are there for you and when you do reach out to someone else in the group, we are so grateful that you did. We will hold your hand as we climb over this mountain together. You are never alone.

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  • I too can relate to your blog as I was in the down pour of the snow…lol.. Ever so grateful and love the thought for those who may no longer on this journey and for those who have continued.

    Very kind and loving of you.

  • wishing you a lovely MKE week and the flourishing of your inner sun into a wonderful New Year

  • Suzette, I am so grateful for your persistence to press on with this journey and yes, we are all in this together. So appreciate your perspective on the importance of living in the now and being grateful for what we have.

  • This is so true,Suzette, when we stop to think about it and become present in the moment, then we are never, ever alone.

  • I’m glad you are safe at home and get to enjoy time with your family. A perfect example of gratitude in action!

  • Yes, Suzette, usually you have to assemble a team when there’s a mountain to climb. With #MKE you already have several ready to go! 🙂

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