MKE Week 13 – Finding the ability to be the one controlling your own thoughts

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As there are some Things that are come to be so, random things coming to be, maybe? There’s a realization that in fact none of them are really random at all! They, in reality, are merely the production of those very specific thoughts that you put into your subconscious mind and they have now come directly from the world within!

I’m looking at the place and places that we were and I was in, only 12 weeks and a day ago. In that short time we’ve all come to discover or rediscover ourselves, make that redesign ourselves. The discovery, in and of itself, is likely one of the most magnificent times and events to have ever transpired in our short time here in the flesh. That was how my week 12 blog started before the week without power, (see my week 12 blog for that story)…

Week 13 is ever present and journeys have become destinations, and those destinations have become ever evolving tomorrows that are simply reflecting our definite major purposes and authentic selves!

I’m beginning to actually be the one responsible for my thoughts instead of outside sources controlling them! Did you catch that part?

Only 14 weeks ago I would not have ever known what that actually means and how much outside influences affect our thoughts! The newly formed good habits replacing the old bad habits, combined with the 7 laws and the knowledge on how to use and apply that knowledge is liberation of one’s mind!

Then we add in the peptide boosting of the gratitude and accomplishment cards and suddenly our future self starts to become our ever present selves. As this progression moves us forward into our future selves the excitement builds and everything that we do becomes more enthusiastic and filled with purpose.

The best way to describe this is to say that our minds, bodies, souls, and the universe have all finally begun to become harmonious! And this is only the starting point of the aforementioned. Thus is almost unimaginable how miraculous our futures are becoming as they begin to become a full expression in our today.

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  • I feel like I am the biggest cheerleader of your DMP!!!

    God Bless you and may you carry on no matter what you feel is an obstacle…it’s all in our mind….you got this handle.

    Make the next 13 weeks strong and see your life be what you desire it to be!!!

  • Drew – wishing you a wonderful new year (it’s NewYearsEve where I am writing this from) as you continue your immersion in MKE. Enjoy the adventure into your future self 🙂

  • Drew, your blog has captured so clearly how you have worked consistently over the last 14 weeks and not only you are seeing the great results so far but also looking forward to even more changes and deeper growth. I, too, cheering you on!

  • I agree, Andrew, I think we don’t have the slightest idea of how miraculous our futures are becoming as we allow the Universe to present the very best to us. Keep on shining!

  • Congrats Drew- It is clear you have been doing the mental exercises consistently- you are experiencing self discovery. It is truly liberating. Harmonious thoughts = Harmonious Life. Cheering you on!!

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