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The beginning of this week’s material was challenging for me to digest confidently.

Pining for an understanding of how to actualize inductive spiritual science left me a touch discouraged. I wondered whether or not I was taking in the bottom line of this “new means of observation“ and how to collect the “ever-increasing material .”

However, as I read and reread with the same befuddlement, I began to focus on the latter parts of the chapter, and the continuing theme of constructive concentration opens new thoughts and attracts to themselves the means necessary for materialization.

I recalled from Chapter 12 that new thoughts are not easily assimilated because the brain cells are yet to be accustomed to their vibratory frequency. This allowed me to re-ease myself and that my ability to peer into existence and pull what is needed for my evolution is guaranteed as long as I keep making the attempts and remain vigilant with positive thought forces.

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  • Thanks Gregory for sharing this. I have had similar experiences with many of the readings at first… Thank you for the reminder about forming a new mental pathway. It explains why it get’s easier each time I read them.

  • Greg, I just love your thoughtful recounting of your struggle because it really helps those less articulate put words around THEIR experiences, too. You’re a great MasterMinder and I thank you! 🙂

  • Keep the persistence and the focus and the enthuuuusiasm on your DMP. And take each step at a time on the journey

  • I expect we’ve all learned things in the past that caused us some difficulty at first, since it was foreign and not easy to relate. With more time and exposure, eventually we got there. I anticipate there’s some new pathways and future “ah-ha” moments coming with this for all of us, Gregory!

  • Gregory, I also had difficulty with “new thoughts are not easily assimilated because the brain cells are yet to be accustomed to their vibratory frequency.” Doesn’t exactly put us on the same wavelength, yet close enough to connect your positivity to one of my favorites, “It’s all good.” And I’m sure the brain cells are ready to come along for the ride! 🙂

  • Yes, thanks for re-minding me, Gregory, it was a mind blowing insight for me from week 12 how the brain cells are not yet accustomed to the new vibration. Now I understand why my head sometimes hurts when I have new experiences. Like when we did the 50 minutes in front of the mirror. I literally felt the tissue of my brain changing to be able to adjust to a new idea.

  • Bravo Gregory! Congrats on being the Objective Observer. As you stated, be persistent and “remain vigilant with positive thought forces”. Cheering you on!

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