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During our Mastermind session this morning, we discussed the challenge I have at present in messaging prospective clients. I want to make my message more positive than I have at the moment. Having talked around this for a while, Paul came up with the rather brilliant idea of putting a request for help out to the bigger mastermind group. Just shows the power of our mastermind – I would not have thought of doing that.

So, bit of background. I plan to message two groups of people, business owners so I get to work with those people and HR Directors, so I get to work with people in Corporates. I love working with people in both contexts for varied reasons, so I can keep both streams going.

In a nutshell, I coach individuals who are not performing to the level that the business/their boss wants. I talk with them about the Master Key Experience principles and getting to the source of the issue (our own thought process), rather than the “ra ra” type of coaching I see (that may be verging on an opinion).

In reality, I’m now focused on helping people acknowledge and let go of the cement, just as the Master Key Experience has helped me to do. My experience is that even though it says “business coach” on my card, these principles are grounded in personal life. I

Through my practice, I find success. Once they understand the principles, people are happy, just as the MKE members are finding.

Often I find the situations are less personal, but sometimes, they find they lack in how they support/challenge people to enable them to perform at their best.

What I’m looking for are ways of expressing what I offer in a more positive way. I know the pain I’m taking away from others, but as we’ve learned from Mark J, we’ve all been buried under cement, so it’s not their fault.

And if you find you’re one of those who is buried, the Master Key Experience is full of tools to help you get back on your most positive track, as it’s doing for me.

Suggestions for me as I grow my business is also deeply appreciated. Leave your comments for me below.

Thank you in advance…

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  • Be a shining light Allan and stand in who you are and what you know and inspire them to follow you. Belief persistence and enthuuuusiam in your dream and allow it to radiate

  • I agree with the previous folks. Have you attended the digital solutions meetings? I think those will teach you a lot, like how to structure the give away process from last week. Phenomenal! We really have an enormous amount of info at our fingertips if we are willing to do the work. 💜 good luck!

  • Thanks for asking, Allan, this is something that I’d like to learn a lot more about too. I agree with the previous suggestions, offering sessions for free and getting testimonials has worked well for me.

  • I agree with both Brittany and Arlene, Allan. Testimonials adds a more personal touch to your messages and what Arlene suggests is an effective technique used often in sales. Thanks for being first in getting your Week 13 published! 🙂

  • Good job Allan, I love your coaching concept! We know this works! Is there something you could offer for free? Like a sample of what you offer, that has value in itself. Then, if they want more, which they should, they would pay for the next step. Just a thought:)

  • Maybe you could start with a couple clients that you currently know well, or prospects that are already interested in what you have to offer and let them go through the experience. This may take a few months, but when they are done, have them write testimonials so prospects can see the positive changes they might experience by working with you from people just like them. Show what you have to offer rather than trying to explain it to people. Prospects and people in general are accustomed to checking things out, researching, and reading reviews before they make decisions. I think testimonials are an effective and powerful way to build a business. Good luck!

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