MKE Week 13 – A More Consistent Week

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This week we added more cards to last week’s cards. I did not finish the cards last week, but I finished them all this week. It took me almost all week but done is better than not.

I spent time Christmas shopping which can be stressful. This year though, I went a little earlier than usual and kept an upbeat attitude. The extra time spent shopping was worth the stress I avoided. I plan to remember this next Christmas.

I did better this week than last, finishing all of my MKE stuff. I was better but not perfect. Perfection is probably not going to happen often. Close is more likely, and I will take close as acceptable. I’m not going to beat myself up for not being perfect. I can aim there, but if I don’t make I’ll keep trying.

I enjoyed my Christmas shopping and was more consistent with my assignments this week. This blog is late. Maybe next week I’ll be perfect. Maybe not. I’ll try.

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  • Glad you’re making progress, John. I looked at this MKE work like the oxygen mask safety briefing given prior flying. I must make sure mine is on and working first, so it is a priority. Otherwise, it’s too easy to be busy with other things and focused on others. (Meanwhile, I’m starving my brain of oxygen, soon to be useless to anyone.)

  • Way to acknowledge your growth John and all that you are completing, strengthening your Positivity bias. Bravo!

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