MKE Week 10 – I Need More Work on Scroll 2!

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I greet this day with love in my heart. Well, for about 10 minutes. Then I need to rush out and drive kids to school and try to love other morning drivers.

Then go to work and love people who call in, well, not really.

Then pick up kids who are hungry and tired and again try to love afternoon drivers.

I thought I had love in my heart before starting this exercise. I thought this would be way easier than no opinions or positive thoughts only.

I was wrong.

I need to do this scroll another month I think.

I decided to buy a thin red string bracelet to wear on my wrist. I never wear any jewlery so this will be a clear reminder that I need more love in my heart for everyone I meet.

I also really need to focus on two of of my goals that I promise to complete before my December 31 deadline! The weeks are just flying by.

On to week 11!

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  • So appreciate the authenticity and how you’ve been the observer here. All is good! And yes love is something all of us need more of.

  • It’s all good, Veronica. Find joy in every moment. As impossible as that may seem right now. I agree with Jen. Give yourself some grace as you persist! 🙂

  • How honest you were in this blog. Some people truly test your love capacity; especially those who are closest to us. Remember you’re carrying part of scroll 2 over with you. Mine is, “I greet this day with love, and I succeed.” What’s yours?

  • Appreciate your authenticity Veronica. Reminder to give yourself grace as you are learning new skills. Cheering you on!

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