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Ok…I admit it. I really don’t like change!! I know it’s heresy, that “the only constant there is is change” and yet there is a VAST disconnect between my rational mind – read left brain – and my emotional mind – read right brain. As with pretty much everything, pushing against it with all my might only intensifies things. Time for another quote – “Resistance is futile!” – read Star Trek Generations and the Borg.

I find the most effective way for me to come to a peaceful resolution is to embrace what I’m feeling at the moment. Somehow, that seems to let the air out of the emotional balloon and allows me to accept the circumstances in the present moment.

After all, if we want things to be different they have to change, right? And at the end of the day, that’s what all this is about.

Love the moment.

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  • “If we want things to be different they have to change”. That felt like the statement of this day. In some way something have to change, whether it is the things by themselves or it is us by ourselves to change how we look at the things. In any way, change is inevitable

  • Whether we like it or not change is inevitable. Moving forward or moving backward. Forward hopefully, and keep it under control when possible.

  • You’re most welcome, Loren. I finally have a SYSTEM for both posting and responding to blogs. I am choosing blog response to reading the news in the morning. What a feeling!!! 🙂

  • I love the statement ‘the only constant there is, is change’. Thanks for the reminder that we have to embrace change.

  • Mary, I love what you said: “I find the most effective way for me to come to a peaceful resolution is to embrace what I’m feeling at the moment.” You are being the observer of your feelings and accepting all of them. I find when I do this, I am less judgmental towards myself and can utilize the law of substitution faster and think of something pleasant.

  • Yes, Mary, everything changes. Even our subby. Thank goodness! Thanks for publishing your Week 10 so quickly! 🙂

  • Yes I agree. Embracing how you are feeling in the moment is so important because if you don’t it just gets bigger. Let it be ok that it’s not ok, take the air out of the balloon, give the feeling some recognition and then you can move on 🙂

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