MKE Week 10 – Rise About The Resistence

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The awareness of resistance. As I was preparing to go outside and feed my Horses, the awareness came over me that I was in fact resisting. I could feel it in my body, then I noticed I was holding my breathe. I could feel it in my lower back, my subconscious started to play the old tape, I do not like the cold.

Instantly I caught myself and said lets switch the tape. As I started making my way to the barn, I began saying out loud “I love the smell of the crisp clean air in the cold.” I could instantly feel the energy shift. It felt really good!

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  • That is great Lynn, it is awesome when you start to realize the small things and learn to overcome them.

  • Awesome, Lynn!! Awareness Of Resistance And Application Of The Laws Of Dual Thought And Substitution!! Very Powerful!!Way To Go!!

  • I love that you have been made aware of your resistance this is a huge step forward. Good for you.

  • Magnificent@! Mahalo for sharing this Lynn these little awarenesses are so crucial to our growth.

  • Yes, this is exactly how we begin to react to those things that were parts of the cemented world, crack the cement and we change all things in a way we never realized even possible in the past!
    It was only this morning when here in Minnesota it was a balmy -5…
    Then when I happened about the driveway as prospective buyers arrived, at an amazingly high 11 degrees, What would have been the usual misery in my cemented mind, That Did NOT exist! It was the warmest and most beautiful 11 degrees I’ve ever experienced!!!! I’m not sure if the following was really happening or not, but for a moment it sounded as if the snow on the roof was melting and trickling down the gutters!

  • Well done Lynn! I had the same experience here in Sweden today. I didn’t want to go out but I had an errand to do and I needed the fresh air. It was freezing cold when I got out but after a while I start to enjoy my walk even though it was raw, cold moisture in the air. I think this is kind of symbolic with life. Anytime when we feel resistance and we do it anyway we discover the joy, the pleasure or the pride for overcoming the resistance.

  • When you can replace physical discomfort with pleasurable using just your mind, Lynn, that’s powerful! 🙂

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