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It has certainly been an interesting few weeks so far with the MKE. Not without a few ups and downs, but I have continued to put effort and faith in this process with the results to be revealed to me later. With some help with my guides, I have found the clarity that a white personality needs to make the movement forward. Decisions have been with a careful, methodical plan, working out the details to infinity and beyond. These decisions, although good, we made in the moment and each one was a independent choice. With the clarity I have now, I realize that these decisions did not always work together and made my life chaotic, because I didn’t have a purpose (or the compass) for direction. Talk about using a magnifying glass to see more clearly!

I know that I like to have all the information in front of me so I can make an informed decision. Working on the DMP was a struggle but I finally got it just right. That is when the light came on and everything was clear. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear has been a quote that I have used over the years. This is where the all the weeks came together and made total sense. I one of my sits, the flash of insight that came to me was I was using an old blueprint, trying to work on the causes – The DMP, blogging and all the work – when the reality was this was the inevitable results of 1 action. That decision was to join the MKE. Since then, I have been able to catch up on all my tasks and can see how everything is so interconnected that I don’t know where one starts, or which comes first. They just are! And that is where the fun is truly starting in understanding me and my decisions.

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  • Those sits can be absolutely magical to let you see things you haven’t before and to give new perspectives on old matters. Great job being such a self observer Michael!

  • Michael. it is a wonderful feeling when the idea of making lists falls away so completely you cannot see what comes first until it makes its surprise entrance, perhaps, by way of a “Do it now.” Simply knowing all the things that must be done, allows that d.i.n. tag much to choose, and it does, and its fun, being in the moment. Just an opinion, yet that’s what I hear, loud and clear. A refreshing blog to read! 🙂

  • It’s so great when the light comes on and you can see clearly. How awesome for you Michael. Congratulations to you because you did the work. Now to start seeing the results.

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