MKE Week 10 – Overcoming Distractions

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This week has been a week of distractions. I substituted binge watching Netflix in the evenings to listening to Baroque and worship music as well as mediated bible verses. However, I found myself spending an enormous amount of time scrolling through videos on Facebook. How that came about, I have no idea. I even set an alarm to warn me of how much time I was spending, but ignore it.  So, even thought I was doing most of my assignments and services this week, I wasted a lot of valuable time on nonsense.

I arise each morning with great enthusiasm, ready to fire up my day, but somehow become distracted and before I know it the day is over. I realize that I am in a state of limbo right now, with my housing situation, but I am not really taking advantage of the opportunity really be focused on my Definite Major Purpose. I am sure the exercises that Lori and Lucinda are sharing on Finding My Authentic Self will jumpstart me back to reality. I can be what I will to be!!!

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Entrepreneur, Certified Wholistic Health Coach, and Cruise and Travel Consultant, Jacqueline's background includes management in corporate America, retail administration and Bahamian tourism. She holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Business Administration. She is a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, known as "Champion Grandma", fulfilling her purpose to Empower Generations!

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  • It’s a victory when we see the distractions for what they are – and not think of them as vital parts of your day.

  • We all experience some ups and downs before settling into our new Blueprint. Staying true to the exercises is all that’s required! 🙂

  • I love your optimism. Keep moving forward. You are right where you are suppose to be for the moment.

  • Thank you Gregory, love your perspective. Acknowledgement is the key to turning situations around for the better.

  • Keep up the good work, as knowing that these distractions are just a test, and you’ll find your way past them.

  • Good job recognizing your distraction, Jacqueline. I do love Lori and Lucinda’s ‘Finding your Purpose’ exercise, that can really move you forward in harmony with your goals.

  • Hi Jacqueline !!! Thanks for sharing and my two cents are simply to applaud your intention and forget the imperfection. Your doing great by simply acknowledging you want to do better. Its happening behind the scenes; your desire for better will make it happen. Keep up the GREAT work!!!!!:)

  • Great work, Jacqueline, noticing the distractions and substituting them with growth activities.

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