MKE Week 10 – On the road again

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MKE Week 10 – On the road again.

I drove truck for years, delivering goods to customers across western Canada and USA. I enjoyed being on the road but realized that although I was putting on a lot of miles, I really wasn’t going anywhere.

I needed a change, and the opportunity to start and build my own business as a tire guy fell into my lap. I worked long, hard hours and built a relatively successful company, financially. My body hurt from the high physical demands I put on myself, so it was time for another change.

I sold my business and went to work for ‘the man’ delivering fuel to local businesses and farmers and doing whatever else needed to be done. It was a great job mostly because I was able to spend time at home raising my girls. One incident and three surgeries later, I was left with no choice but to accept that another change was inevitable.

During my recovery at home, a dear friend of mine stopped by and introduced me to what she was doing with direct sales, and she piqued my interest. I was sure I could do what she was doing because I had travelled unknown roads; I had worked long hours; I had built businesses before; I followed direction and got the job done. I fumbled along, trying to grow this new venture but knew that I needed something more to really start flying.

I asked my friend, and she recommended that I go online and check out this guy that calls himself ‘the worlds laziest networker’. And… here I am, I’ve been shown how to dig into the most powerful muscle I have.

Every week we are challenged to develop our inner selves just a little more. The challenge this week has created a definite connection between all my previous positions in the workplace. Weather I delivered a damage free load, on time, to a customer that is 2500 miles away; if I got someone back on the road after fixing their tire; making sure that the farmer didn’t run out of fuel or seeing to it that my daughters received the attention they deserved, my first and foremost goal was to make sure their needs were taken care of properly.

When I read my DMP, look at my list of wants, examine the characteristics of my close friends and match them to my characteristics, I am proud to say that I can consider myself a passionate provider.

As I transition into this change in my life, I am able to do so with more clarity and a definite purpose. I embrace the changes that are happening, and I welcome the changes that are still coming. I’m on the road again. I understand that I will hit the ditch a few times, maybe even take a wrong turn or two, blow a turbo, or pop a tire. These are just speed bumps, and they cannot divert me from my destination.

Meet Robert Haayema

I am a glass-half-full family man. A servant-leader with a passion to help others live a life of health, wealth and happiness.

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  • It’s easy to see, Robert, from your blog how you’ve worked your way to the top. Now that here, the persistence you’ve demonstrated guarantees the success destined for you if you do not stop! 🙂

  • Excellent post Robert. Life is full of ups and downs, detours and flat tires, change is one constant that we deal with daily. It sounds like you have dealt with it well in the past but now you have better tools going forward for better success. Congratulations.

  • Awesome post Robert!!! I have been down a very similar path as you regarding career & family. I have decided to move myself into one last position, as a trucker, to allow me to build my other business with my best friend/fiance & retire from trucking. Your positive outlook on the industry & it’s ultimate purpose & blessing to society is great & I appreciated your opinion & journey that you shared. I will keep you & your family in my thoughts & prayers during this holiday season.

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